Presentation in english

Berliner Arbeitskreis für politische Bildung e.V. (Berlin working commitee on civic education)
As a non-profit, autonomous and independent association we have been working in the field of civic education since 1980.
Coming from diverse backgrounds our members share a common vision of a diverse and open society.
Together with our regional and international partners we are constantly designing and implementing international as well as local youth projects and professional trainings. Our main focus among others is working with disadvantaged youth.
Our members qualifications include intercultural and civic education, interpreting and translation in different languages, project consulting and coaching within educational processes.
Finding a balance between research and practical work we combine approaches from different fields in order to develop and point out new perspectives for (international) civic education.

We would like to…
… foster curiosity and open mindedness for getting to know other people and different ways of life.
…create a space for an independent and critical discussion with ourselves and others
…advocate intercultural learning, empathy and dialogue between human beings from different parts of society, from diverse social and cultural backgrounds
…facilitate personal, social and professional development, that prepare for life in a complex and diverse world
…work together on innovative and sustainable approaches for civic and intercultural youth education and participation.

We understand Civic education as…
encouraging active participation, taking a stand regarding social justice, fostering dialogue between communities and individuals, and pointing out the connection between social structures and individual realities.

In Germany
– to exchange on personal experiences and possibilities of action as well as on social visions and challenges
– to express ideas, point of views and possibilities of action in a creative way in order to participate actively on a local level
– to create a network of actors in the field of youth participation and education on a local and international level

  • in trainings of civic education
  • in long term project work
  • in professional trainings

– to exchange on social, political and cultural realities from different backgrounds.
– to discover the other in distance to our living environment, to reflect the own and to develop new visions

  • in youth exchange programms
  • in exchange programms for apprentices
  • in professional trainings for multiplicators

We work with issues related to: human rights, migration, professional orientation, team building/development, intercultural learning, constructive conflict management, active participation, discrimination, gender, LGBTQ, and sustainable development. In our projects we use interactive and creative methods and tools like theatre, film, photography, outdoor-pedagogy, language animation, dance and music.